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As I Am Coconut





When it comes to hair products, I’m generally living the thot life. Hopping from one curl cream to the next, swapping out one leave-in conditioner for a better, newer one. What can I say? I cheat on my hair products all the time. Partially because it’s my job, but also because I like variety. But there are a few choice jams and jellies I always come back to, and this is one of them.

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love As I Am Coconut CoWash. I’ve been using it on and off for the past two years, and were it not for the fact that I like to change up my co-washes so my hair doesn’t get used to one formula, I wouldn’t buy anything else. Seriously. This stuff is only nine bucks, but it makes my hair look and feel like a million. It’s got a very light, clean coconut scent (so no worries if you’re not into the smell of coconut oil, which is number four on the ingredients list, right before castor oil), and when you put it on your hair, it feels like a medium consistency.

But watch this baby work. With nary a sud in sight, this co-wash not only detangles but also gets my hair looking and feeling extremely clean — plus the softness it imparts is otherworldly. My curls and coils feel like a pillow, and the smell this leaves behind isn’t too strong, so you can go ahead and add products on top without having to worry about your hair experiencing a fragrance overload.

The only negative thing about this product is that I wish it were in a squeeze bottle. I hate getting water in my shower products, and it’s something that often happens when I use things that come in jars. But other than that, no complaints. The price is right, the product works excellently for my type 4a hair, and it’s also great at detangling to boot. What can I say? It’s a staple.


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